Michael Caswell Photography
Southern Oaks Bride and Groom First Look
Wedding Portrait of Bride and Groom on Bourbon Street
Bride and Groom Portrait in front of Southern Oaks
New Orleans Elopement Portrait at the Tree of Life
Latrobes on Royal Bride and Groom Portrait on Stairs
Bride and Groom Portrait Session in New Orleans
Audubon Park Intimate Wedding Portrait
New Orleans Same Sex Wedding Couple
Wedding Portrait of Couple at Capital on Baronne

New Orleans Wedding Day Couples and Elopement Portraits

This gallery consists of some of my favorite photos of my couples in their wedding attire. Some were just quick, impromptu shots captured during the natural course of the wedding day, while others were taken during time specifically set aside for this purpose before or after the ceremony.

Having a first look on the wedding day, where the couple sees each other prior to the ceremony, is also a great opportunity to capture some wonderful and memorable images of that emotional moment, and also often helps to more easily facilitate portraits of the couple, since we can then do those before the ceremony (and not have to worry about missing a portion of the reception).

Portraits of the couple can be captured during a "day after" session (which, despite the name, doesn't necessarily have to be literally the day after the wedding). This is a good option when the couple wants more of these kinds of pictures than their wedding day timeline could practically allow, if they want to shoot in a different part of town that would be too logistically challenging to get to, if daylight timing is an issue (which is common for Fall and Winter weddings), or if weather ends up disrupting our outdoor portrait plans. This also has the benefit of allowing us to shoot in a more relaxed manner, without the potential stress of a timeline hanging over the couple's heads.