Southern Oaks Bride and Groom First Look
Michael Caswell Photography

Southern Oaks Bride and Groom First Look

Bathed in soft and beautiful late afternoon light at Southern Oaks in New Orleans Louisiana, this happy bride can't suppress her joy as she looks into her groom's eyes during their first look prior to their wedding ceremony on this pleasant Spring day.

This first glance took place behind Southern Oaks in the pool and garden area, which is a great spot for this, especially late in the day when the light is best. This area also provides the added benefit of a degree of privacy during this pre-ceremony time, as guests will be arriving and mingling in the front of the home, where the ceremony takes place. There's a small possibility a few of them might happen to peak through the bushes and catch a glimpse of you in this area as they walk from the back parking lot to the front of the building, but I would consider it to be a fairly secluded spot.

These kinds of images are exactly why I love photographing first looks, as the pent-up anticipation often results in beautiful and genuine reactions such as this, which usually cannot be duplicated on demand in a regular portrait session.

Location: 7816 Hayne Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70126.