First Look at Maison Dupuy Hotel
Michael Caswell Photography

First Look at Maison Dupuy Hotel

It was a bit of a drizzly November afternoon in New Orleans, but the weather cleared up just in time for this Texas couple's wedding in the French Quarter. The ceremony and reception were to take place in the main courtyard of the Maison Dupuy Hotel on Toulouse Street, but we started out with a first look in the smaller and more secluded back courtyard, by the hotel's carriage house room.

In this sweet and priceless moment, the groom struggled to contain his emotions upon seeing his beautiful bride for the first time on their wedding day. This kind of genuine reaction cannot be duplicated or created on demand, and is one of the main reasons why I love photographing first looks.

In addition to their wonderful wedding at the Maison Dupuy, I also had the pleasure of photographing this couple a few years later on an anniversary trip to New Orleans, this time accompanied by their recently born adorable baby girl!

In most cases, the bride tackles the task of writing vendor reviews after the wedding, but in this case, the groom had this to say:

You would be lucky to have him!! If you plan to get married in New Orleans go ahead and stop reading this and contact Michael to book him. My wife and I are from Texas and chose the Maison Dupuy Hotel for our wedding. We were lucky to get Michael booked and had never met him in person until the day of our wedding. He is great at correspondence and his work speaks for him.

Day of our wedding we had rain. Michael the week before emailed us about the weather and assured us that non sunny days work best for pictures in the Quarter. He is very personable and easy to talk to. We went out to do our First Look photos, and hand to god I don't remember him being in the area. I think that is one of the top things about him. He will capture amazing shots and not get in you are your guests way. It was still spitting a little when we went out with our wedding party. Michael got some great candid shots of us walking in a group (some of our favorites). He tells us, "Okay we are just going to walk around. If you see a place you want to get a shot tell me and I will do the same if I see something". Worked out perfectly. Walked around the Quarter, "Hey Michael, that building looks cool can my guys and I get a shot there". We stopped and did the shots. Our planner said she has never done a wedding with Michael where the rain interfered. I forgot to mention as soon as we started walking the rain stopped, so as of now he is good luck. We came back and he did an amazing job capturing the many family photos we needed, and capturing the ceremony.

Now on to where he really shined, our 2nd line parade. By himself he captured all of our 2nd Line Parade. Running back and forth between us and our guest. Love all the shots all 1248 of them :). We had some lighting for our reception and Michael caught that the lights on the floor were going to hit peoples faces while dancing. He had the DJ throw them up on the back wall which worked out beautifully and makes for amazing photos during our reception. He captured us dancing, my niece and nephew dancing with people, candids of people laughing. What can I say he just did an B E A UTIFUL job all around and we couldn't be happier. He has some of our shots on his blog so check them out, but you should of already booked him while reading this. The colors in our pic are so great that while I like B&W it robs the photos of the amazing atmosphere. Thank you again Michael for the great job you did capturing everything, as it went by so fast I have a hard time remembering. BOOK HIM FOR YOUR EVENT, WEDDING, FAMILY PHOTO.

Location: 1001 Toulouse St, New Orleans, LA 70112.