Wedding Day Portrait in New Orleans City Park
Michael Caswell Photography

Wedding Day Portrait in New Orleans City Park

This lovely walkway in New Orleans City Park is a great spot for wedding day portraits of a couple. It's near the Peristyle, and features lush greenery and a pleasant background.

This couple placed a high priority on these kinds of portraits of the two of them, so they were sure to work abundant time for these into their schedule for the day, which I really appreciated and loved. We started out with a first look at the Royal Sonesta where they were both getting ready (in adjacent rooms, which was very convenient!), and we did some portraits around that area, such as this shot in nearby Exchange Place.

Wedding Couple Portrait in Exchange Place

We then hopped aboard the minibus and headed to City Park. Here's another picture from this same spot, shot from another angle and giving a completely different look.

Bridge and Groom in City Park

We did some family and wedding party group shots in the area, and also captured more portraits of the couple at other locations in the park, such as the iconic Langles Bridge.

Bride and Groom on Langles Bridge

Our final stop was Southern Oaks, where the couple's wedding ceremony and reception were to take place. The event concluded in spectacular fashion with the venue putting on a festive Mardi Gras parade for the couple, and a fireworks show!

Mardi Gras Parade at Southern Oaks in New Orleans

Fireworks at Southern Oaks in New Orleans

Location: 42 Dreyfous Dr, New Orleans, LA 70124.