Audubon Clubhouse Wedding Portrait
Michael Caswell Photography

Audubon Clubhouse Wedding Portrait

This New Orleans couple had their wedding at the Audubon Clubhouse on a pleasant Spring evening, with this particular portrait on a walkway of the golf course being captured after the ceremony when we had a period of about 20 minutes of perfect light.

We started out with some fun shots of the bride and bridesmaids, including this silly one depicting the girls trying to hijack an unattended golf cart with the husband of one of the bridesmaids attempting to stop them.

Bride and Bridesmaids in Golf Cart at Audubon Park

The ceremony took place behind the clubhouse, among the grand oak trees.

Audubon Clubhouse Wedding Ceremony

Here's another great portrait of the couple, captured right at sunset.

Sunset Portrait of Couple Audubon Park Golf Course

Management of the Audubon Clubhouse has been taken over by the famed New Orleans Dickie Brennan & Co. Family of Restaurants. They've made some positive changes to the inside of the venue that makes it more suitable for weddings and other events. The room adjacent to the main space used to be the golf pro shop, but this has been removed (the pro shop is now located in a portable building nearby, presumably temporarily until a permanent structure is built), replaced with a secondary dining and event space.

The bar was removed from the main room (which used to occupy the tiled space seen in the background of the image below), freeing up considerable space, and has been relocated to that new room. In addition to being able to accommodate more guests, this secondary room also provides the benefit of giving guests a place to go that is not in the immediate vicinity of the dance floor (if they need a break from the loud music), but is still close enough that they don't feel like they're missing anything.

Bride and Groom Dance in Audubon Golf Clubhouse

Location: 6975 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118.