Groom Dips Bride in Front of Rosy's Jazz Hall
Michael Caswell Photography

Groom Dips Bride in Front of Rosy's Jazz Hall

This Virginia couple's wedding took place at Rosy's Jazz Hall, and this photograph out in front of the building was high up on the bride's priority list, so we made sure to capture it after the ceremony before the party got started.

The ceremony was held in the beautiful atrium.

Rosy's Jazz Hall Wedding Ceremony

After some group shots and those few quick portraits of the couple outside, the party began in earnest!

Bride and Groom Enter Reception at Rosy's Jazz Hall

Here's the five-star review that the bride graciously wrote for me afterward:

Michael was very attentive before the wedding, I would call him to ask questions and he would go through every detail. He also makes sure to include your vision of photos you want. For example, I really wanted pictures of the dip in front of the venue and pictures on the staircase. He knew my venue (Rosys) very well so he knew where to take the best pictures as well. He captured AMAZING moments with my family and friends. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

About Rosy's Jazz Hall

The building that would eventually become this much loved Uptown New Orleans event venue began as a warehouse in the 1800's, and served a variety of other purposes, until being purchased in 1976 by a wealthy music lover named Rosy Wilson, who did extensive renovations on the old building to turn it into a top-notch music club. A variety of well-known jazz acts and other bands performed at the venue, before it closed several years later.

Various other businesses occupied the space over the course of the following few decades, until the current owners purchased it in 1998 and renovated it again to begin its new life as a unique venue for New Orleans weddings and other special events.

In addition to the beautiful atrium and gritty yet elegant main reception space (complete with a large stage, which I'm sure our area bands appreciate), Rosy's also has an outdoor area that can be used as an alternate ceremony location, as well as for formal group photos, and also features a spacious suite upstairs that can be used as a getting ready space, as well as for the couple to sit and have a meal together before heading down to the reception.

Location: 937 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116.