Audubon Park Intimate Wedding Portrait
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Audubon Park Intimate Wedding Portrait

This Pennsylvania couple traveled down to New Orleans for a small wedding with just a few friends and family in attendance.  The ceremony had taken place at Terrell House Bed & Breakfast in the Garden District, and afterward we headed to Audubon Park for some portraits of the newly married couple.

Though big and elaborate weddings are certainly fun to shoot, I really enjoy working with these smaller, more intimate nuptials.  Large events often have a very tight timeline, with not a lot of time budgeted for photographs, which is further complicated when things start running a bit late as is often the case.  With elopements and intimate weddings, though, a much greater portion of the bride and groom's focus is given toward the pictures.

We can, at a more relaxed pace, capture portraits that, without the stress of a busier wedding day, are better reflections of the couple's true personalities.

Location: Audubon Park, New Orleans, LA.