Bride and Groom at Berry Barn Wedding in Hammond
Michael Caswell Photography

Bride and Groom at Berry Barn Wedding in Hammond

This newly married bride and groom lovingly embrace in front of the Berry Barn in Independence, Louisiana, a small town near Hammond. This portrait was created under some fairly intense time pressure due to the weather.

The wedding took place in August, which ordinarily would be quite uncomfortable for an outdoor ceremony. But this couple's wedding was blessed by several weather factors, the first being a nearby heavy thunderstorm heading our way that was sending an unseasonably cool breeze in our direction, and the second being that this thunderstorm thankfully moved slow enough to allow the beautiful ceremony to conclude.

The other benefit of this cloudy (but not heavily overcast) day was that it provided some beautifully soft light to work with for the ceremony itself and these pictures afterward. But it was like playing with fire, as at any moment the rain could have begun, so we had to stay close to shelter.

Racing Against Mother Nature

As soon as the ceremony was over, we immediately headed to the front of the barn for our formal group photographs, working at a feverish pace to complete these shots before the approaching storm hit, and then quickly captured a few quick portraits of the bride and groom, including this image, with quite literally just seconds to spare before the heavy rain was upon us.

Location: 56358 Holden Cir, Independence, LA 70443.