Degas House Wedding – Lawren & Michael

This wonderful couple’s wedding took place at the elegant and historic Degas House on Esplanade Ave. in New Orleans.  It was a perfect, beautiful Autumn evening, and everyone had a great time!  This ceremony is a great example of perfect light for an outdoor wedding, as it was scheduled to begin a little less than an hour before sunset. Actually, the final half hour of daylight is really the best light, but when formal group shots are to take place outside after the ceremony, I like to leave a little light to work with for these photographs. While venue scheduling restraints and other logistical issues mean that not every wedding can have the luxury of starting the ceremony to occur in the best light, if other considerations allow, it’s definitely an important factor.  Lawren is an artist herself, so the Degas House, named for famed impressionist Edgar Degas, was a perfect venue choice for her wedding. The mansion was constructed in the 1850s as the Esplanade Ridge area was being developed, and Edgar Degas lived here for a few years in the 1870s.  Interestingly, the original structure was split into two smaller homes in the 1920s.  Today, Degas House, which consists of both buildings, serves as a museum, bed and breakfast, and hosts weddings along with other special events.




Degas House Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Degas House New Orleans

Degas House Wedding

Wedding Reception at Degas Hous




Wedding at Degas House



Degas House in New Olreans






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