Engagement Portrait Photography in New Orleans
Michael Caswell Photography

Engagement Portrait Photography in New Orleans

This beautiful black and white photograph was captured in the final series of shots I did with this New York couple who traveled down to New Orleans for their engagement portrait session. We spent most of the session walking around the historic French Quarter looking for interesting nooks and crannies to shoot in front of, and wound up finishing up by the river, with this particularly sweet and romantic shot being on the bride's wish list.


The Moonwalk, which is a levee walkway along the Mississippi River, is a great location to get photographs with the river and the bridge in the background, or in this case the Steamboat Natchez. This area can sometimes be a bit crowded with tourists, however, in some cases that's not necessarily a bad thing, as the French Quarter is a bustling area and sometimes capturing that kind of activity in the image looks perfectly acceptable.

Though this photograph was composed to avoid having any random people in the frame, another nice shot that can be done here is of the couple strolling along, holding hands, and having some people in the background looks fine in this instance, as long as these people are far enough away to be sufficiently out of focus so that the visual attention is drawn to the couple in the foreground.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana.