Second Line Parade to New Orleans Wedding Reception
Michael Caswell Photography

Second Line Parade to New Orleans Wedding Reception

This particular shot was on the couple's "wish list". Ordinarily, given the dynamic and chaotic nature of wedding receptions, and especially second line parades through the French Quarter, specifically requested shots can sometimes be a tall order to fulfill. But in this case, they simply gave me a general request that I try to get a picture of them as they passed by a certain building along the planned route down Royal Street on the way to the reception at Court of Two Sisters. They weren't sure of exactly where it was located, but they described it as a corner building, constructed of reddish bricks, with numerous large hanging plants prominently adorning the ornate wraparound balconies.

I knew exactly what building they were referring to, as it's probably one of the most photographed spots in the French Quarter. While the name (the Miltenberger House) is not as recognizable as some other landmarks in New Orleans, it appears in B-roll footage of practically any TV show or sporting event filmed in the city, and is commonly the subject of stock photos as well, as it just screams "French Quarter!"

The now iconic building was constructed in 1838 by Marie Aimee Miltenberger, the widow of Dr. Christian Miltenberger, an immigrant from St. Dominigue. Because of his expertise in treating yellow fever, he was appointed by the mayor to supervise indigent health care, and also served as surgeon during the Battle of New Orleans. Though some sources incorrectly identify this building as having been "a gift to his wife", Dr. Miltenberger actually died in 1829, nine years before the building was commissioned by his widow. Consisting of three residences (one for each of her children), it follows the common and familiar practice in the French Quarter of commercial space downstairs at street level, and residences upstairs.

Location: 900 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130.