Rosy's Jazz Hall Wedding Reception
Michael Caswell Photography

Rosy's Jazz Hall Wedding Reception

This New Orleans couple has their first dance at their Rosy's Jazz Hall wedding accented with bubbles, courtesy of the several kids who were given bubble guns and assigned the task of spraying out bubbles during the recessional at the end of the ceremony but also decided to use them for the first dance!

The ceremony took place in the venue's outdoor area, and featured a wall of jasmine in full bloom.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Rosy's Jazz Hall

The couple was surrounded by bubbles as they walked down the aisle.

Bubbles at End of Wedding Ceremony

I loved this particular portrait captured of the couple in a stairway.

Portrait of Couple on Stairs at Rosy's Jazz Hall

During the reception, a few of the couple's friends decided to make in appearance in large costumes, one depicting being kidnapped by an alien, and the other riding a skeleton dinosaur!

Reception at Rosy's Jazz Hall

The night was capped off with a sparkler send-off outside the venue, and there may or may not have been a non-sanctioned unofficial second line parade down the street to Grit's Bar!

Second Line Parade to Grit's Bar

Location: 500 Valence St, New Orleans, LA 70115.