The Greenwood Covington Wedding Reception Send-Off
Michael Caswell Photography

The Greenwood Covington Wedding Reception Send-Off

I love the joy on the faces of this couple as they depart from their wedding reception at Vintage Court (now known as The Greenwood) in Covington, Louisiana. Their ceremony took place here as well. The bride wrote this nice review afterward:

Photography was, by far, one of the most important parts of our wedding to me. I was really impressed with Michael’s photojournalistic style and his photography overall. Michael took my bridal portraits as well as photographed our wedding in Covington. The final photos are incredibly impressive, even my friends who are photographers were completely blown away. I especially appreciated the non-posed photos, this is where Michael truly shines. From catching the exact moment my now-husband reacted to seeing me for the first time, to capturing me and two of my cousins in mid-air during the wobble dance, his work is amazing. My favorite photo of the whole wedding is a spontaneous shot he captured of my husband and I laughing together. I also found Michael to be incredibly communicative and patient during the whole process. He responded to all of my emails and calls in a very timely manner, was patient to the extreme when timelines changed, and was willing to try some more non-traditional shots. Finally, there were a few photos that were really important to me and Michael got every one of them. I highly recommend him as a wedding photographer or any other event.

Bubbles make for a great send-off option! They are safer and easier to coordinate than sparklers, and they photograph well. Many venues will not allow sparklers for insurance reasons, and some also don't allow any type of throwable (such as bird seed, confetti, or flower petals). Bubbles are simple... unlike sparklers, which must be rapidly lit at precisely the right time (just before the couple is ready to come out), else you risk having a "burnt-out metal stick send-off" instead!

With bubbles, you just have someone hand them out, or have a basket by the door, and it doesn't matter if guests start blowing their bubbles prematurely, as there's usually plenty in each vial to last.

Formerly Vintage Court, this venue was purchased by the Southern Hotel in Covington, and was rechristened as The Greenwood.

Location: 75082 LA-25, Covington, LA 70435.