Deacon John Leads a Second Line
Michael Caswell Photography

Deacon John Leads a Second Line

New Orleans music legend Deacon John smiles broadly, leading the happy bride and groom on a second line through the elegant ballroom at Southern Oaks as the guests follow behind. A tradition throughout the New Orleans area, it's very rare for a wedding to not have a second line of some sort, whether a full-fledged parade through the streets of the French Quarter, or around the reception venue such as in this case. Either way, the newly married couple will usually carry umbrellas, while the guests will wave napkins or personalized hankies in the air.

A Louisiana Music Icon

Active on the New Orleans music scene since the 1960s, Deacon John is a beloved figure in the city and consummate musician, and performs regularly at events with his band, The Ivories.

Location: 7816 Hayne Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70126.