Couple Second Line through French Quarter
Michael Caswell Photography

Couple Second Line through French Quarter

Not every wedding in New Orleans is traditional, and some are quite far from it! This California couple had a small and very unconventional (but unfathomably fun) wedding. Their ceremony took place at the French Quarter Wedding Chapel, and then we all made our way in a second line parade to Olde New Orleans Cookery for the reception.

First Dance at Olde New Orleans Cookery Wedding

Bride and Family Dance at Wedding

The groom had these wonderful words for me after the wedding:

I would add as many stars in the galaxy if I could. Mine was an unorthodox wedding featuring costumes, props, performances, and many big and colorful personalities from all over the country. Michael didn't just document the madcap fun; he captured and memorialized it, gorgeously. The "wows" and "oh my Gods!" are coming in from all our guests seeing them for the first time. Artist-meets-documentarian. And, a total professional who did what he said he would do, delivered when and how he said he would, for the price quoted. Without a nudge or reminder. Superb.

Location: New Orleans, LA.