Reception at Chateau Country Club Wedding in Kenner LA
Michael Caswell Photography

Reception at Chateau Country Club Wedding in Kenner LA

This Slidell couple's wedding reception was held at Chateau Country Club in Kenner, Louisiana. After the first dances, the couple did a wedding party dance that consisted of a mashup of brief excerpts from a long list of songs that was a big crowd pleaser! (I believe this particular image was from the "Greased Lightning" segment.)

The beautiful ceremony had taken place at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in New Orleans (complete with the priest pulling out his accordion and performing a song for the couple).

Wedding at St. Joseph Church in New Orleans

Priest Plays Accordion at St. Joseph Church New Orleans

We then headed over to Chateau Country Club for the reception. Their wedding cake was amazing and unique... in most cases, there will be a traditional wedding cake, and then a groom's cake which is more informal and fun, typically incorporating the groom's interests in some manner. In this case, however, these two concepts were combined into one cake, with half of it being a traditional, elegant wedding cake, and the other half being superhero themed, and it was on a motorized turntable that slowly rotated it to show off the whole thing.

Dual Sided Wedding Cake

They wrapped up the night with a private last dance in an empty ballroom as the guests gathered outside for a send-off.

Bride and Groom Dance at Chateau Country Club

Location: 3600 Chateau Blvd, Kenner, LA 70065.