Bride Sings with the Band
Michael Caswell Photography

Bride Sings with the Band

Proud Mary is a staple among wedding reception music. It's always a lot of fun when the band calls the bride and bridesmaids up and has them do Tina Turner's signature dance associated with the song. But in this case, at The Foundry in the Warehouse District of New Orleans, that wasn't enough for this bride, who took matters into her own hands and belted out the song with Rewind the band!

Her wedding took place at a venue called The Foundry in the warehouse district, which unfortunately no longer exists.

She had some nice things to say about me after the wedding:

Planning a wedding in New Orleans while living in Boston proved to be more difficult than initially expected. We chose most of our vendors blindly by trusting online reviews! I met Michael the day before the wedding at my bridal portrait shoot. He immediately put me at ease, and I knew we had selected wisely. Although the weather didn't fully cooperate the day of the wedding, we still managed to get a few great shots outside. Some of my favorites from the day were taken running around the warehouse district minutes before I walked down the aisle!! Still unsure how we pulled that off - thanks Michael!! He really captured the spirit of the day through the images of the ceremony and reception. We had so much fun at our wedding, and it certainly shows in the photos!!

Location: New Orleans, LA.