Audubon Park Golf Clubhouse Wedding Reception
Michael Caswell Photography

Audubon Park Golf Clubhouse Wedding Reception

I photographed this wonderful couple’s wedding ceremony in Memphis, Tennessee, and their reception took place here in New Orleans a few months later at the Audubon Golf Clubhouse. They originally had just inquired about me shooting the reception, but liked my work so much they commissioned me to travel to Memphis to capture the ceremony as well.

We started out the New Orleans portion of their wedding celebration with a portrait session that afternoon in the French Quarter and we got some great shots. We then headed over to the Audubon Park Golf Clubhouse for the reception, where Something Blue put on a great show and kept the crowd entertained.
The night was capped off by a visit from Mardi Gras Indians accompanied by a brass band, giving the guests a true taste of the amazing culture the city of New Orleans is so well known for!

Mardi Gras Indians are a unique fixture of New Orleans culture, and it's great when couples treat their guests to this kind of fascinating show. These tribes traditionally parade on Super Sunday, which is the Sunday closest to St. Joseph's Day in March, but also perform for other select occasions as well

The elaborate costumes are all strictly hand-made and can take as long as 9 months to construct. These particular Mardi Gras Indians are from the Uptown Warriors tribe.

Location: 6500 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70118.