Groom fixes son's tie before wedding
Michael Caswell Photography

Groom fixes son's tie before wedding

Though much of the pre-ceremony attention is focused on the activities surrounding the bride getting ready, there also are often memorable moments occurring on the groom's side as well. If your package includes a second photographer, typically they'll be with the guys while I stay with the girls. But even if you don't have a second photographer, if the groom is getting ready in a different area of the same location, I can usually pop into that room for a bit and get some pictures.

Other times, I'll catch some candid shots of the guys when they arrive at the venue, as they're usually mingling around, fixing each others' ties. Such was the case with this wedding in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where the venue itself had a spacious room for the bride to get dressed in, with the groom arriving mostly ready.

Bathed by natural light streaming in from the two windows, the groom helps his adorable little boy get dressed. Wedding days, especially the pre-ceremony portion, are full of fleeting scenes like this. While these kinds of photographs are typically going to be considered secondary to the wedding ceremony and reception, I still have no doubt that the family will cherish this image of this small but precious moment.

Location: 329 W Pryce St, Lake Charles, LA 70601.