Portrait of Groom at Elms Mansion
Michael Caswell Photography

Portrait of Groom at Elms Mansion

This great shot of this handsome groom was captured at The Elms Mansion in uptown New Orleans on a beautiful early Fall afternoon a little while prior to his wedding ceremony. This period of thirty to forty-five minutes or so is my favorite time to get shots of the groom. While the girls usually photograph well in the room as they are getting ready, I often find that this is not the case with the guys, as they are often a bit nervous when someone with a big camera is there! So, I prefer to get shots of the guys just before the ceremony, when I can snap candids with a long telephoto lens from afar

Though in this instance, the groom was semi-posed by me, the great expression on his face was the result of his groomsmen standing around behind me tossing out some good-natured little jabs at him as I photographed, causing a natural smile and laugh that was perfect.

Other opportunities for good shots during this period are when the groom is standing around with the guys, as they mill around, talking and fixing each other's ties, as well as when he greets friends and family as guests begin to arrive.

Location: 3029 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115.