Newly Married Couple in the French Quarter
Michael Caswell Photography

Newly Married Couple in the French Quarter

This newly married couple's New Orleans wedding ceremony had taken place at historic Saint Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the wedding party and guests were led on a fantastic second line parade through the streets, which brought them to Latrobe's on Royal, where the reception was to be held. After the formal group shots in front of the Supreme Court building across the street, the couple wanted to get some portraits of just the two of them in a few different locations, which we did in nearby Exchange Place alley.

Portraits in Exchange Place

It's great when couples set aside some time for these kinds of photographs, and Exchange Place is a great area for this, especially for a Latrobe's wedding since it's merely steps away from the venue.

This alley is also a perfect spot for a first look with a bride and groom before the ceremony, as it is usually not terribly crowded with tourists in most circumstances. Of course, the light needs to be right, which is the most important factor. Though it varies throughout the year, typically around midday for a little while the alley will be in direct sun, which is not good for photographs. As the afternoon progresses, one side of the alley starts to be in shade, which is usable for pictures, with the entire alley being out of the sun by later in the afternoon.

Location: French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana.