Seraphim House Wedding Ceremony in New Orleans
Michael Caswell Photography

Seraphim House Wedding Ceremony in New Orleans

This Atlanta couple's wedding was one of the most unique (and most fun!) weddings I've ever done! The event took place at the gorgeous Seraphim House, with the ceremony being held in the ballroom, a space just oozing with perfectly gritty character. But before that, the couple had a first look in the courtyard.

Bride and Groom First Look in Seraphim House Courtyard

We also had some time before the ceremony for a few portraits of the couple before. The bride especially loved this particular room, the Parlor, so we made sure to get quite a few shots in this space.

Portrait of Bride and Groom at Seraphim House

After the ceremony the couple followed a unique and funny family tradition of the groom carting out his bride in a wheelbarrow, but with a little New Orleans flavor added to it as they headed out for the second line parade led by the Big Fun Brass Band.

Bride in a Wheelbarrow

The guests came back for an intimate seated dinner in the ballroom.

Seraphim House Wedding Reception Dinner Setup

The couple eschewed most of the traditional wedding reception elements, but they had a special surprise in store for their guests. They brought in Killer Theater NOLA for an interactive mystery-solving production that lasted throughout the evening, in which the bride and groom took on roles of characters in the story, as did some of the guests, with everyone else teaming up into groups to solve the fictional crime of a stolen family heirloom ring as they listened to backstories and questioned suspects.

Killer Theater NOLA Wedding

Everyone had a fantastic time!

Killer Theater NOLA Wedding Reception

The house is located in the historic Treme neighborhood, and was built in the 1860s by a free woman of color named Seraphim Maspereau. After falling into a severe state of disrepair, it was purchased by the current owner in 2012 and meticulously restored. Thankfully, they did not simply sand everything down and lay down a fresh coat of paint... instead, they retained and enhanced the amazing patina that existed, creating a hauntingly gorgeous space that photographs exceptionally well.

It's a great location for a smaller wedding, and would be amazing for a bridal portrait session.

Location: 1476 Marais St, New Orleans, LA 70116.