Federal Ballroom wedding ceremony
Michael Caswell Photography

Federal Ballroom wedding ceremony

This couple's wedding took place at the Federal Ballroom, a unique wedding venue located on Carondelet Street in downtown New Orleans. But we started out with a first look and some portraits of the couple at the opulent and elegant Le Pavillon Hotel, which was just a few blocks away on Poydras Street.

Le Pavillon Hotel wedding portrait of bride and groom

Bride and groom portrait near Le Pavillon Hotel

We then made our way to the Federal Ballroom for the ceremony, which was held in the main ballroom.

Bride and groom celebrate at Federal Ballroom wedding

The Federal Ballroom is located in the Security Center, a private secure storage facility, and the massive and impressive vault door is a must-have photo for weddings at this venue. This door weighs an astonishing 38 tons, and this vault was built to store gold, as the building originally served as a Federal Reserve Bank.

Federal ballroom vault portrait of bride and groom

At the end of the night, the couple was given a send-off outside with bubbles. Though I of course love shooting sparkler send-offs, bubbles are a safer alternative, and they photograph very well. This type of departure also has the benefit of not being quite as time-critical as sparklers. With sparklers, they have to be lit right before the couple is ready to come out, and they have to be lit very quickly. If guests light them too early, or if too much time is spent lighting them, they'll be burned out by the time the couple runs through!

Bubble send off from Federal Ballroom wedding

Location: 147 Carondelet St, New Orleans, LA 70130.