Marriage Proposal Photography in New Orleans City Park
Michael Caswell Photography

Marriage Proposal Photography in New Orleans City Park

Photographing surprise marriage proposals can be very challenging, but I have many years of experience with this. The groom-to-be and I had extensive communications on the general area we would use, a quieter section of the park not too far from the iconic Langles Bridge. But the decision on the exact spot was better left as a game-time decision, since there are unknown variables to consider, such as what the light situation will be at that time of day and time of year, background elements such as construction, or the presence of other park visitors.

So, I arrived early, picked out an appropriate spot, and communicated this to him through text message.

We finished up with some portraits of the newly-engaged couple around the park!

Couple Kisses on Railroad Tracks in City Park

Location: City Park, New Orleans, LA.