Engagement Portrait in Fontainebleau State Park
Michael Caswell Photography

Engagement Portrait in Fontainebleau State Park

This engagement portrait image from a session in Mandeville's Fontainebleau State Park is a perfect example of my go-to posing technique for these types of portraits. Rather than make intricate and tedious micro-adjustments that can be fatiguing to the couple and result in unnatural and uncomfortable looking photographs, I instead prefer to simply find a good place for them to stand, sit, or walk, and instruct them to casually just hang out together and pretend like I'm not there.

I'll make some suggestions and adjustments as we proceed, though with the goal of gently steering the couple into a natural looking pose rather than overwhelming them with instructions that make them feel stiff and awkward.

In most cases, they'll gravitate toward just being themselves, which means different things for different couples. Some will lovingly snuggle up to each other, while others will make each other laugh, or anywhere in between!

I do, of course, also get some more straightforward portraits of the couple simply looking at the camera, but these more candid-style shots are always my favorites.

Location: Mandeville, LA.