Engagement Portrait During Coronavirus Shutdown
Michael Caswell Photography

Engagement Portrait During Coronavirus Shutdown

This New Orleans couple decided to take advantage of a desolated French Quarter during the coronavirus shutdown in the Spring of 2020 for their engagement portrait session. As a New Orleans wedding photographer who has photographed events and portraits in the French Quarter regularly for the past 15 years, and has observed how bustling of a place it almost always is, it was a bit spooky to see the streets almost completely empty.

The couple took a "might as well just own it" attitude, with some of the shots featuring, yes, Corona beer, such as this one, of them sitting in front of a (hopefully temporarily) closed bar.

While, admittedly, it was nice to have near complete freedom during the session to shoot wherever I wanted without having to worry about bystanders in the background or walking by, or heavy vehicle traffic, I very much hope we can get back to normal soon!

Location: French Quarter, New Orleans, LA.