Baton Rouge Engagement Portrait
Michael Caswell Photography

Baton Rouge Engagement Portrait

This happy and carefree couple was wonderful to work with. Though their wedding took place in New Orleans, we shot their engagement portrait in Baton Rouge, around the area of the Louisiana State Capitol, which offers numerous great spots for photographs. This particular shot was taken by the Pentagon Barracks buildings adjacent to the Capitol.

These buildings were originally constructed in 1825, but this site had been used by the militaries of several countries, including France, Spain, and Great Britain, dating back to the late 1700s, plus it played a role in the Battle of New Orleans and the American Civil War. They are presently used as offices and apartments for elected officials.

There are also plenty of other photographic opportunities in the vicinity as well, including a lake, a series of walking paths surrounded by beautiful trees, and the steps of the Capitol Building itself. But my favorite spot in this area is the nearby Arsenal building, a military structure dating back to 1838 that now serves as a museum. It features some amazing textures on the surrounding brick walls, and it along with the park area it is located in make great locations for portraits in Baton Rouge.

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana.