Engaged Couple Walking Down Empty Bourbon Street
Michael Caswell Photography

Engaged Couple Walking Down Empty Bourbon Street

How often do you have a chance to do an engagement portrait in a practically empty French Quarter, right in the middle of Bourbon Street with NO people in the background? Pretty much never.

Even with the early-morning portrait sessions I sometimes do, there are always still people around. But with bars and restaurants temporarily shut down due to COVID-19, the French Quarter was all but deserted for this Alabama couple's engagement portrait, and I'm glad we seized this unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for their session.

Couple Dancing in the Middle of Bourbon Street

In addition to this series of walking shots, I also captured some of the couple dancing in the middle of the street. I've done this kind of shot before, but never without at least some (or many, depending on the time of day) random bystanders in the background.

Location: French Quarter, New Orleans, LA.