Couple on Bridge in New Orleans City Park
Michael Caswell Photography

Couple on Bridge in New Orleans City Park

I captured this photograph of this attractive couple during their engagement portrait session in New Orleans City Park. I often shoot in this particular spot, located near City Park's well-known stone bridge, because I love the way that unusual red brick structure and the moss look in the background.

I was curious about the purpose of this building, so I researched it. My assumption was that it was purely decorative, but in reality, it's a pigeon house, or pigeonnier (also known as a colombier). The plaque affixed to the structure reads:

Colombier De Carol

Given to City Park in 1928 by Felix J. Dreyfous in honor of his first grandchild, Carol Vera Dreyfous.

Designed by F. Julius Dreyfous

Refurbished in 2005 by members of the family of Felix J. Dreyfous and the stepfamily of George A. Dreyfous to honor Felix J. Dreyfous and his children, George A. Dreyfous, F. Julius Dreyfous, Caroline Dreyfous Weiss and Ruth Dreyfous for their many contributions to the City of New Orleans.

Location: City Park, New Orleans, LA.