Cafe du Monde Engagement Portrait in New Orleans
Michael Caswell Photography

Cafe du Monde Engagement Portrait in New Orleans

On this couple's engagement portrait wish list was to stop by world-famous Cafe Du Monde for some beignets. This is sometimes a challenging shot to pull off, as it's really best to use a table along the edges instead of one in the middle of the cafe, and this place almost always is bustling with visitors.

Often the solution is to just hang out and watch for people at a suitable table who look like they might be about to leave, then pounce and try to snag the empty table before someone else does! Another option is to get the order of beignets "to go", and find another spot in the area to do the pictures.

And alternatively, though Cafe Du Monde is indisputably the most famous beignet shop in New Orleans, there are other choices... Cafe Beignet (which has several location) for instance, where I've done several engagement portrait shoots, and also some wedding day photos of the married couple. There's also a Cafe Du Monde location in City Park.

In any case, this shot of the couple taking a bite of the same beignet is a must-have. It's also fun to get a photo of the bride blowing powdered sugar into the groom's face! Sometimes this happens inadvertently, as it only takes a little tiny puff of a breath, but more often then not the bride does it on purpose!

This couple had a fabulously fun Spring daytime wedding at Southern Oaks in New Orleans. After the wedding, the bride had these nice words for me:

From the first moment we met Michael for our engagement photos we knew we wouldn't have to look any further for a photographer. He was funny, real easy to talk to, and took a bunch of beautiful shots for our engagement shoot around the quarter. He is affordable for everything you get from him and he delivers quality material. He is easy to get in touch with as well, which is great when you're freaking out about last minute wedding details. He is an amazing photographer and I would recommend him to anyone. We got our engagement shots, bridal portraits, and wedding done with him and everything turned out perfect.

Location: 800 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116.