Aircraft Brokerage Photo of Private Jet in Louisiana
Michael Caswell Photography

Aircraft Brokerage Photo of Private Jet in Louisiana

The purpose of this Louisiana aircraft photography session was to capture an assortment of brokerage listing photos of this Cessna Citation V private jet that was being put up for sale. Though the jet was normally stored at New Orleans Lakefront Airport, for this shoot it was located at Slidell Municipal Airport on the northshore, where the warm, soft light of late afternoon beautifully lit the aircraft in this image.

These kinds of photographs serve two main purposes. The first, of course, is to help inform potential buyers of the aircraft as to its general condition and features. The second is to produce more visually aesthetic or dramatic images that will catch the eye of visitors scrolling through the brokerage website and entice them to click on the listing to learn more.

These kinds of photographs can also be useful for aircraft charter services that want to show attractive photographs of their fleet to potential customers, or even simply the proud owner who wants to display a photo of their beautiful airplane in their home or office.

This shoot also consisted of capturing interior and exterior footage for a video walkthrough.

Photographs from numerous angles of the gorgeous jet aircraft were captured.

Cessna Citation V Private Jet at Slidell Airport

As well as detail shots of key elements.

Detail shot of private jet engine

Of course, the luxurious interior was documented.

Interior of Cessna Citation V Private Jet

And shots of the jet's cockpit were captured as well.

Cessna Citation V Jet Cockpit

We finished up the session with a dramatic sunset shot of the aircraft.

Sunset Photo of Private Jet in Slidell Louisiana

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Location: 62512 Airport Rd, Slidell, LA 70460.