Roosevelt Hotel Christmas Bridal Portrait
Michael Caswell Photography

Roosevelt Hotel Christmas Bridal Portrait

I can't think of any better definition of a challenging and difficult photography assignment than doing a bridal portrait on a busy afternoon three days before Christmas in the Waldolf Astoria Roosevelt Hotel's famously decorated lobby!

The bride had made a last-minute decision just a week or so before the wedding to do a bridal portrait, and I was happy I was able to accommodate her request. Crowded with hotel guests admiring the beautiful lights and other decorations while they snap family photos, there weren't many clear areas to shoot around. Even on a normal day, this lobby is usually a pretty busy place, making it a challenge to do portraits here, and during Christmas season it's all but impossible! But somehow we made it work, searching for little nooks and crannies where we could shoot, usually concentrating on tighter shots that would not show the people in the background.

She had some nice things to say about me after the wedding:

Michael is a dream come true in a photographer. As anyone who would probably read this review would know, wedding planning is stressful. Many just don't make the process easy or comfortable. Not Michael. He made every step of the way pleasant, was always understanding, friendly, and responsive, and couldn't have been a better photographer. He worked around our schedule every step of the way and even fit us in for a last minute bridal shoot when we decided to do one. As so many couples say, it's so exciting to look through pictures from that day since it all goes by so fast and you miss so many of the details you spent so long planning. We couldn't be happier or more thrilled with Michael Caswell's professionalism and friendliness as well as his beautiful photography!

Remembering how crazy it was trying to photograph a bride in such a busy setting, when I got a similar request in late 2021 for a bridal portrait at the Roosevelt, I suggested that we instead start very early in the morning. Sure enough, at 5am, the lobby was virtually empty, and we were able to have near complete freedom as to what angles and backgrounds to use!

Bridal Portrait in Roosevelt Hotel Lobby

Location: 130 Roosevelt Way, New Orleans, LA 70112.