Bride on Railroad Tracks in City Park
Michael Caswell Photography

Bride on Railroad Tracks in City Park

Not all bridal portraits have to consist of a static, serious, formal-looking pose! I asked Sarah to walk along the City Park railroad tracks as she looked back over her shoulder at me, and the result was this delightful image. I loved the timeless look of her classic fishnet hairpiece.

Of course, shooting on normal railroad tracks can be very dangerous, as trains can approach quickly and more quietly than you would think. But City Park's train ride moves very slowly in comparison, and is easy to know when it's coming, so there was no risk in this instance.

This bride's wedding ceremony took place at St. Patricks Catholic Church, and the reception was held at Board of Trade, both in downtown New Orleans. I also later had the pleasure of working with this bride again when I photographed her brother's wedding in Lafayette a few years later.

Location: 42 Dreyfous Dr, New Orleans, LA 70124.