Bridal Portrait with Horses at Southern Oaks
Michael Caswell Photography

Bridal Portrait with Horses at Southern Oaks

I've been doing more and more bridal portrait sessions at Southern Oaks in New Orleans lately, and for good reason! There are plenty of great spots to shoot around the grounds, and even inside. And there are other benefits to doing your bridal portrait here. For instance, facilities are provided for the bride to change into her dress there at the venue if she wishes. And the bride (and those accompanying her) get the same kind of royal treatment that the venue is known for providing during weddings. Lastly, it can be nice to shoot in a more private location like this, away from the general public and not having to worry about random people in the background of the images.

As we were finishing up this particular session, we were fortunate in that Magic and Majestic, who help many brides make a unique and unforgettable horse-drawn carriage grand entrance into their wedding ceremony, were out of their stables for some exercise, and the Southern Oaks staff was kind enough to bring them up front for a few photos with the bride.

Her wedding took place in December 2019, and here's the 5-star review she subsequently wrote:

Choosing Mr. Caswell as our photographer was the best decision we made. I actually was so sure that I wanted him to photograph my wedding very early on as I had gone through multiple albums and this one album just stood out to me. I mean the quality of the images, the quality of the album was superb. You could absolutely see the difference in quality when compared to other wedding albums. I knew right then that wow I hope that I can have this person produce the images at my wedding and thats when I contacted him. It was the first thing I booked for the wedding after booking my venue because I could not have been any more sure. And let me tell you, I could honestly not have been any happier.

He is so professional, so genuinely caring and REALLY makes sure that you get the shots that you like and the angles you like and captures the best moments. We had a destination wedding so communicating and booking with him was so easy and setting the time for bridal shoot was also very easy. He honestly went above and beyond during both the bridal shoot and the wedding. I honestly don't know how he did it but he was at multiple places at once and literally looking through the pictures he has captured every single thing at the wedding and it just brings tears to my eyes that I can revive everything from that night with all the beautiful pictures. We did not have a videographer for our wedding but honestly Mr. Caswell did such an amazing job with all the beautiful photos that no video is needed just the pictures are enough for us to remember everything about the wedding.

I could not thank you enough Mr. Caswell for everything that you have done and for putting so much energy and capturing everything, not missing a single moment at our wedding. Every picture you have taken is so beautiful and I feel like a beautiful princess and you can just see the love and emotions in all the pictures. We could not recommend him enough. If you are unsure about your photographer, trust me Mr. Caswell is THE BEST. If you like quality like I do, he is the man. From the pictures to our usb, to the album, everything is HIGH quality.

Southern Oaks' pair of beautiful white horses live on-site in a spacious stable that was custom-built for them. Furthermore, a large fenced-in plot of land located directly next to the venue provides ample space for the brothers to run out in the open, which is essential for their health and well-being.

Location: 7816 Hayne Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70126.