Bride Walks Through Field in Mississippi
Michael Caswell Photography

Bride Walks Through Field in Mississippi

I love this scenic photograph of a bride gracefully and peacefully walking through a field in southern Mississippi. Specifically, this shot was captured at La Maison Gautier on the Singing River. I simply asked her to hold her dress up as she slowly walked up this shallow hill, framed by the low-hanging moss-covered branches of the large tree. Positioning myself at the top of the hill shooting at a slightly downward angle allowed me to compose the shot to show more of the grass area in the frame, and I also liked how this view completely surrounded the bride with this fresh and crisp green color.

This is a great example of how I like to conduct bridal portrait sessions. I do photograph a large number of traditional looking posed portrait images, but I also like to get some more natural, semi-candid shots where I just give some basic instructions to the bride, while I shoot from afar. I find these series of shots often capture the bride's personality so much better than a careful and meticulously posed picture would.

Location: 2800 Oak St Gautier, MS 39553.