Michael Caswell Photography

COVID-19 Info for Current and Prospective Weddings

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption to every aspect of our lives, and certainly weddings have been severely affected. Here is how Michael Caswell Photography is handling this issue.

For Currently Booked Weddings

Almost all of my March and April weddings have been postponed. Though my contracts with these couples do not explicitly address an incident of this nature, I (like most in the wedding industry) am making accommodations to the best of my ability, by way of offering a penalty-free date change as long as the date selected is one that I am available for.

So, as I have stressed to these couples via direct communication, it is of the utmost importance that they coordinate with me to find a suitable date, and not commit to a new date with the venue before confirming that I am available.

For Prospective Weddings

There is understandably some concern among couples who are planning their wedding for later this year or next year. Will all this be over by then? No one wants to put their lives and plans on hold indefinitely for this, but we still have to acknowledge that it's certainly possible that this could last a little longer than expected.

Though, again, I am voluntarily accommodating my current couples with penalty-free date changes, to reassure couples that are booking me now, I am including a clause in these contracts that specifically spells this out.