Blakley & Adam’s Streetcar Wedding and Cellar Door Reception

This wonderful Georgia couple and a dozen or so close family and friends came down to New Orleans for an intimate but fun and memorable wedding.  We started out with getting ready pictures at an uptown AirBnB, where we also did a first look. Blakley had played a little trick on Adam, leading him to believe all along that she would be wearing a black dress, so he was very surprised to see her white ensemble!  After some portraits of the couple and their friends and family, we then headed over to Lafayette Square to wait for the couple’s ceremony venue (a chartered streetcar) to arrive… I can’t think of a more “New Orleans” ways to get married than a wedding ceremony on a streetcar rumbling down beautiful St. Charles Avenue!

After the ceremony, officiated by Rev. John Zimmer, and a relaxing streetcar ride, we were dropped off back downtown, where Brian Murray’s brass band led everyone on a fabulous second line parade through the streets, ending up at Cellar Door on Lafayette St., where the reception was to take place.  On of my favorite parts of their reception was when they played a fun game where, sitting back to back and each holding one of their own and one of the others’ shoes, a question would be asked, such as “who said ‘I love you’ first?”, “who handles the remote control at home?”, and “who’s the messiest?”, with each of them raising a shoe to indicate their answer!  At the end of the afternoon wedding, the couple departed through sparklers onto a waiting carriage.

The Beth’s Flowers team coordinated the event, while Suzy Marks handled the videography and was great to work with.



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