Sarrah & Edwin’s Wedding at Latrobe’s on Royal

Sarrah and Edwin had a wonderful wedding at Latrobe’s on Royal.  After an emotional first look, the ceremony took place in Latrobe’s courtyard, and was officiated by one of Edwin’s relatives from Holland (who, although a bit nervous about officiating her first American wedding, did a great job!).  A flower resting on an empty chair in the first row was in remembrance of the bride’s deceased mother.  After the ceremony, we then hit the streets of the French Quarter for a Second Line parade led by Dr. Jazz and his band.  Second Lines are always fun, but when you have a big portion of the guests who are not from this area (and thus are totally unprepared for how exciting and thrilling it is to march through the French Quarter with tourists lining the streets cheering you on), it’s extra special!  Back at Latrobe’s for the reception, Jack Magic entertainment was on hand for the DJ/MC duties, and was great to work with as usual.


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  1. Sarrah

    Love the photos Michael!
    They really captured the moment!

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